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Mice and Trackballs

Mice and Trackballs

The Mouse is an input peripheral that, historically, joined the keyboard as an aid in the data entry process, especially in programs with a graphical interface. The mouse's function is to move the cursor (pointer) across the computer screen. It was created by Xerox but only became a product marketed with Apple.

The mouse works as a pointer on the computer screen and normally offers four types of operations: movement, click, double click and drag and drop. There are models with one, two, three or more buttons, whose functionality depends on the desktop and the program being used. Clearly, the left button is the most used.

The mouse was connected to the computer through a PS/2 serial port and now through a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. There are also wireless connections: the older ones in infrared, the current ones in Bluetooth.

Trackball is an input peripheral, similar to a mouse. Unlike the mouse, which must be moved on a flat surface such as a table and in some cases on a mouse mat, the user must manipulate a sphere, usually located on its top, to move the cursor on the screen.

Many users prefer the Trackball because of its greater ease of use and because of the lower incidence of repetitive strain injury (RSI) to the wrists compared to the traditional mouse, as they only need to move the ball with their fingers.

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