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A Digitizer or Scanner is an input peripheral responsible for digitizing images, photos and printed texts to the computer, a process inverse to the printer. It scans the physical image, through optical reading, generating electrical impulses through a reflex sensor. It is divided into two categories:

  • Handheld scanner – similar to a very large mouse, in which you must pass over the drawing or text to be transferred to the computer. This type is no longer suitable for semi-professional jobs due to the ease with which transfer noises occur.
  • Flatbed scanner – similar to a photocopier, in which the paper must be placed and the lid lowered so that the design or text is then transferred to the computer. They read from dual-load devices.

The cylindrical scanner is the most used for professional work. It reads from photomultipliers. Their biggest limitation is that they cannot receive non-flexible originals and only scan horizontal and vertical images and lines. It has the ability to identify a greater number of tonal variations in the high and low areas.

Available Options

Epson WorkForce ES-400 II Scanner

About this itemGet organized in a "" exam of up to 35ppm / 70ipm (1); single-step technology captures both sides in one passQuickly scan stacks of paper "” The 50-sheet automatic document feeder easily accommodates multiple types and sizes of paper..

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